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Scarlet Star Studios offers a retreat for art exploration & creative self-expression. In addition to our Artist's Way offerings & regular events, we also feature a variety of introductory workshops in the visual, literary & expressive arts so you can introduce (or reintroduce) yourself to new techniques in a safe, encouraging environment. Step outside of your regular routine and try something new! We will satisfy your curiosity & desires with small classes in our abundant & inspiring studio.

(Or if you'd like, come teach a class! All forms of creativity welcome.)

Upcoming workshops:
Contact us for more information or to RSVP

September 19, 2009: Don't Think! Paint! (facilitated by Vicki Lind)
Past workshops:
November 18, 2006: Don't Think! Paint! (Barriers & Resources: facilitated by Vicki Lind)
December 02, 2006: If Not Now, When? Beginning your memoir today (facilitated by Ann Williams)
January 13, 2007: Discover Your Calling (facilitated by Dawn ZigZag Montefusco)
February 24, 2007: Beautiful Truth: Creating Art Journals & Altered Books (facilitated by Melanie Sage)
March 25, 2007: Layers of Memory & Imagination (facilitated by Serena Barton)
April 21, 2007: Not Just a Pretty Face (facilitated by Serena Barton)
May 19, 2007: Don't Think! Paint! (Releasing/Receiving: facilitated by Vicki Lind)
June 09, 2007: Down to Earth (Andy Goldsworthy-inspired workshop at Mount Hood!)
June 16, 2007: Making Fairy Furniture (facilitated by Bonnie Ward)
September 22, 2007: Generate, Create, Communicate: Using improvisation & play to unleash the story inside (workshop facilitated by Matt and Toni Tabora-Roberts)
October 13, 2007: Transforming the Dark through Charcoal Alchemy (workshop facilitated by Mark Gundry)
December 08: Creating Wordwear (workshop facilitated by Gretchin Lair and Bridget Benton)
January 12, 2008: Don't Think! Paint! (Intentions: facilitated by Vicki Lind)
February 10, 2008: A Meeting of the Muses (art advocate gathering)
May 03, 2008: Secret Gardens (workshop facilitated by Shelley Lebel)
May 6-May 27, 2008: Writing Your Way to Wellness (art & health series facilitated by Suzette Barakat)
Fine print: Since our events often fill quickly, an RSVP who doesn't show means a missed opportunity for someone else. Half of the cost of a workshop is non-refundable. If you RSVP for a workshop but your plans change, PLEASE give us as much notice as possible to give another artist a chance to play. If we cannot find someone for your spot, you will be responsible for the entire cost of the event.

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